The spray coating is the coating system fast and able to ensure excellent results on any type of material. In particular, the coating of iron is critical to creating a barrier between the metal and the atmosphere and block the action of various oxidizing agents. Through the professional painting liquid material finishing it is pulverized and reduced to very fine particles which extend evenly on the treated surface. The main coating techniques are applied:
airless painting
The pulverization of the material takes place at very high pressure (above 120 bar) by employing a nozzle of small size. The airless technique does not employ air to pulverize the material, the pressure with which the material is pushed is sufficient. The advantages of airless application are quick, clean work, saving product, excellent coverage. The use of airless equipment is also suitable for the application of anti-corrosive products.
painting airmix
The atomization takes place at lower pressure to 120 bar but in this case the aid of additional air nozzle spraying ensures a better atomization by creating a spray pattern resulting in a softer and degree of finish higher.
All the materials used for the coating are of very high quality. Among the products available are distinguished epoxies, polyurethanes, acrylics and intumescent. The intumescent product, thanks to its high power flame retardant, is specific to structural steel elements and all parts in iron or metal placed inside of manufactured to civil or industrial use.