Stains, molds, glazes by pollution and weather are the main causes of deterioration of exposed surfaces outdoors. The restoration and recovery architecture and ancient works can take place via a sandblasting JOS or through the special system that allows the recovery of degraded materials in time without altering the natural patina due to the aging process.
As part of the restoration sandblasting is used in the cleaning of wood, natural stone, marble, concrete, brick, plastered surfaces and also it gives great results on metals such as brass, aluminum, bronze. Through the system JOS cleaning of these materials occurs in a delicate employing a mixed blend of bicarbonate, water and compressed air at low pressure which ensures results not invasive and very natural looking. The areas of intervention, both in the private and the public can relate to:
architectural elements
The restoration by sandblasting is very effective to restore the original state building facades, staircases, columns, miscellaneous manufactured marble, wood or bronze.
monumental works
The restoration by JOS system is able to bring its former splendor stable period, monumental facades blackened by time, artistic facades, monuments, statues, friezes and fountains keeping intact aratteristico look “lived” work.
stone material
By blasting you can make cleaning and restoration of tombstones, cemetery chapels, various artifacts in wood, marble and bronze.