The blasting has many different fields of use for example:
of carpentry is a cleaning process by which material is removed from a surface without damage to the same. Through blasting you can remove layers of paint, rust, resins, stains caused by weather and smog.
The blasting is a technique of abrasion safe and effective which exploits the combination of two simple elements such as sand and compressed air to perform an abrasive process.

Sandblasting is used in the cleaning of gates, fences, floors, radiators, items in wood, stone, concrete and all that wear has deteriorated.

Sandblasting building:
The blasting of the faces in brick, wood ceilings, cement beams, stone walls, various marbles, aging of new material both in wood and marble, removing layers of paint for later applying plasters.

Industrial and marine sectors:
Sandblasting is indicated in the cleaning of silos of all sizes, gantry cranes, tower cranes, containers, light and heavy machinery, earth moving, chassis, semi-trailers with various fittings.

The sandblasting also finds application in cleaning vessels in iron, resin or wood.